Well the human’s did not get far with the tapa’s specials in town.  As soon as they ran into friends they ended up staying with them.  They were full by then any way.

Jobs on the boat are going well.  The humans got all the bedding and towels all washed today.  Having a washing machine would be great, but we do not have the room yet, as the boat is full of spares.  Instead it takes the humans ‘ages’ to hand wash and ring out all those sheets, blankets and towels.  It becomes a chore!

The humans tested their repairs to the leaky forward tank.  Thank you ‘chemical weld’.  And they worked!  This will greatly improve their water supply.  All the leaks in the head (toilet-shower room) have now been epoxied closed.  Now it should not rain in the saloon when someone has a shower.  They also got the stern anchor, an aluminium fortress, mounted on the back of the boat ready to deploy.  They still have lots to do.

I do not mind as I get lots of walks on the beach and lots of time to sleep, during the day, while they work.  The weather is fine and there is always a nice breeze in the shade.

Well time for the next mural.  This one is very different from any of the other murals.  I call this one ‘Industry’.

Again ‘the devil is in the detail’.


It is like it is an island.

Are these the ‘natives’ approaching the island?

Lets start with a close up of the bottom.

And working up from the bottom

Next layer up

And a close up of the very top

There is a strange scale down one side of the wall, and we think this is the artists name.

We have not had a chance to check out this web site. Tell us if there is anything interesting on it in the comments section.



  1. Happy New Years guys..x