1. Is there a Mr Lucas or Spielberg on board, the videos are great, keep em coming.

  2. Mike & Mary Watson

    We love you guys and hope that the pub finds you cold beer and warm bums!

    • Dear Mike and Mary,
      The beer was cold, our bums were all warm….but we did leave with wobbly legs.
      We still had to take a dingy ride back to the boat!!!!
      Don’t worry we all had our life jackets on, including the dog.

  3. Hey Quinn,

    Have your humans got the boat sorted to sail thru Biscay yet??? How are you coping with this wet weather??
    Have you got your sea legs???


    • Dear Lin,
      The simple answer to all your questions is: You have got to be joking.
      Check out the latest blog entry and you will not be surprised that they have gotten wet, sea sick and the boat has fallen apart.
      But they took it all on the chin and ready for more.
      Licks from Quinn

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