Spirit of Argo is a Kelly Peterson 44.

Built in 1979 she was designed by Doug Peterson as a blue water cruising yacht.

She was purchased in 2003 in Florida, USA and sailed back to England.

We will attatch links with her details and specifications, as soon as we figure out how!



  1. Hi guys, as always i am enjoying reading your blog, i have been here in grenada for the last 3 weeks and already i have forgotton about the trip over, especially the rolling, it makes every little job like even making a brew difficult. Your trip seems a lot more eventful than mine already, all i saw was 2 pods of pilot whales, 1 pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins , one sea turtle and not a single other vessell, but the fishing was great.I will keep following your progress, hope all goes well for you and you dont have any gear failure, paradise is not far away now, take care

    John aboard Tegan.

  2. Cain and April,

    that June of 1993 when you two first met in California seems a long time ago. Saw Jogger at work, told me about this blog. Wishing you both the best, Jonesey.

    • Yes and its all down to you!Now see what trouble we are in. Hope you and your family are well.

  3. Nichola and Colin

    Hi Cain and April – sister ship Emerald here. We hear you met our friends on Midday Sun the other day and glad to hear you’ve finally escaped and are heading to the sun! .
    We’re in Essex, aiming to head south next year (Colin has had enough of this British weather).
    Wishing you a fantastic time, love the ‘from the dog’s view’ blog.

    • Dear Nichola and Colin,
      Thankyou for your kind words. Just getting the hang of this blogging stuff. The site will hopefully get better with time and practice. Wishing you both fair winds and kind seas in your future endevours.

  4. Very beauty and strong boat. Congratulation and good winds. What’s your route?

    • Thanks-you. This year Biscay, Spain, Portgual, Canaries and Cape Verdes then across to Caribbean after Christmas. No time frame after that

  5. Mike & Mary Watson

    We love you April and Cain! All the best on your new life’s adventure!!

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