Well, we were obviously not going to get the traditional Victorian style Christmas this year, so we went with the flow and had a Christmas swim in the sea instead.

The swim had nothing to do with the humans over indulging in port last night.

We will all really miss family and friends over the holidays, but we are glad we have been adopted by some lovely fellow sailors.

Some of the crowd we will spend Christmas with


Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


The humans do like to embarrass me





  1. I know i said to tell me how warm it was each blog, but a photo of Cain and Quinn in the sea swimming is severely rubbing salt in the wound!

  2. Happy Christmas Cain and April,
    May all your seas be calm, and fair winds for the trip ahead.

    A nautical quote for you from Bernard Moitessier, for your xmas cracker

    “The rich solitude of wide open spaces where past and the future blended to become the present in the singing of the sea”

    See you in the Pacific in 2014 !!!