20. July 2012 · 3 comments · Categories: Posts

Boring day yesterday.

All we did was catch up on some sleep.

Do the laundry in town.

And have a snack.      

And yes, I do like fruit, and no Mick, they are not turning me into a Vegitarian!


Today we are off to Plymouth.  The tide runs fair from about 12:30 so we thought we would head over to the fisherman’s dock (on their invitation of course) and fill back up with water.  We lost more then we thought when the water hose detached from the engine to the water heater in the rough seas here.

All topped up now and ready to go.


We plan to sail over to plymouth  and anchor up at Cawsands Bay (free).

Perhaps sail over to Fowey tomorrow (expensive) and then up the River Fal in Falmouth to a visiters pontoon we heard about (relatively cheap).

What ever our plans are while the weather is fair and the winds are with us we will not probably have an Internet connection for a while.

We will do our best to send you some text over the SSB, but no pictures.

Until then keep smiling.


  1. Bosun Pennell

    Hi enjoy your sun bathing, do they put stuff on your nose as well like they do to mine?..not had to bother much this year . It now hot and very sunny, good time to go home and lay in her flower beds in the garden……….but I expect we will be back to the boat soon……….have fun xxx

  2. Bosun Pennell

    Hi, I saw you but you didn,t see me. I am big ginger cat and used to this life , but don,t like being woken up by you. My humans were late leaving today, they said your fault you forgot to Bark. Well I am of to bed after a long trip , we are in Studland. I like it here it is so peaceful 😉 have a safe trip.

    Love Bosun……I liked you xxx

    • Dear Bosum,
      Hope you had a great sail again today…Mr Ginger Cat.
      Sorry I woke you up when my human’s caught those fish at 5am in the morning.
      I am doing my best to disturb my neighbours here!!!