The humans look ‘worst for wear’ this morning.  Even I am tired after playing with the kids all day yesterday.  Happy Boxing day everyone.


Here is your next mural.  I call this one Pirate vs Octopus.


Pirate vs Octopus

Who do you think will win the fight?

Will it be the crazy skeleton pirate?

Or will it be the giant octopus?




  1. Happy Christmas guys nice to see you had a good day :) seeing fuerteventura reminds of my windsurfing holidays ! The tourists have to be british just look at the top hat and sandals ! Enjoy the sun …

    • You have obviously not been to Lanza-grote. The majority of British tourists there seemed to follow a ‘certain’ sterio type.
      We could tell ‘for sure’ if we could ask them if they laid out a towel to save a seat this morning.