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The human’s finally got the dual fuel filter and fuel polishing system up and running.  The problem was traced to one of them putting one the the fuel filters together wrong. Da!

They are going to give the engine mounts a touch up with paint and finally sort out that temperamental bilge pump.  Then they are finally out of the engine room and onto more exciting jobs.

The freezer has been icing over and they suspect that it is not sealing well.  I do not want my precious fish supply to be damaged.  They talked the local fish shop to let them store their frozen goods temporarily in their freezer.  Well it was not really ‘talk’ them into it.  It was more like ‘google translated’ them notes.  The box can thaw now and they can make a new seal using Sikoflex, cling film (Seran rap) and cooking oil.

The human’s heard the local cafes are offering a 2 euro drink and tapas deal for the days leading up to New Year.  You know they are going to have to check this out, so I will be dragged out from cafe to cafe tonight.

I have your mural for the day.  I call this one The Moods of the Sea because of all the different colours and textures of the sea below the boat.  Check it out.

The building side

Trying to get a good picture for you


The poor boat is being tossed about

Sailing boat?

Check out the waves

It does look like that boat might get swamped

Look at all the layers of the sea

Did you spot the bottle? Do you think it contains a message?

Do not forget the flying fish. One looks just like a plane.




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