21. July 2012 · 7 comments · Categories: Posts

The human’s are happy now!  They finally have the sailing weather they wanted.

After leaving Dartmouth…

We had fair winds out of Dartmouth aiming for Cawsands Bay in Plymouth Harbour.

The day was sunny, but not necessarily warm.  This is supposed to be July????

I did keep the human’s busy catching my dinner.

I personally have gotten very used to this sailing thing.

I usually do my favourite pass time.  Sleeping!

But sometimes I enjoy a little play time.

But then I need to take another nap.

How do these humans find all this energy to sail the boat around.  Although I have noticed an unfair division of labour.  It seems the female human does the ‘multitasking’ steering and attaching lines, while the male human does most of the winching.

They were anouxous to get going from Cawsand Bay and did not take me ashore in the morning for a run.

I got them back by weeing on the man humans towel.  That will show them!

But I can see why as the sailing was GREAT and the tides were fair all the way to Fowey.

We are now in Fowey Harbour.

And I love nothing better then taking the dingy ashore.

And peeing on VERY VERY OLD yew trees.

This run down the south coast has brought up lots more things to repair, as expected.

The toilet valve is failing and flooding on a starboard tack.

A wire has come loose from the wind generator and it is no longer charging.

And there are some holes to fill between the head and saloon.

All I will watch the human’s fix tomorrow as I sun bath.

Keep it real!




  1. Hi Quinn,

    Good work concerning Cains towel…… Does he use a towel?
    Daisy has been watching your vids with interest and certainly has a preference for those containing uptempo music.
    Keep up the good work…..

  2. lisasteve4kids

    Just been updating kids with all the latest blog and video footage! Hilarious comments Quinn! You certainly look like a sailors dog!! We can tell who’s in charge! Can you order some sunshine for our trip to
    Falmouth please!
    Love you puppy and crew
    Conroy clan xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello, I’m from Argentina (Rosario) and I’ve a web site of Charter Boats. I love sailing and what you are doing. I’ve also lived in Majorca and Sicily. I think long term and hope to be in Argentina when you reach Cape Horn to come to you at the first port stop in Argentina. Maybe at the end of 2013. While I follow you on the web.
    Best Regards

  4. Helen Houssart

    quinn what are you doing without your lifejacket on you cheeky monkey
    not getting the videos on the latest post for some reason
    happy bobbing xx

    • Videos now added something about problem with wifi connection too slow enjoy Auntie Helen. Love Quinn

  5. Hi quinn nice to see your looking after the crewe at last some fresh fish for you !
    Won’t be long and you will be in the open sea again. Really enjoying your videos :)