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First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

I would like to say it was a quiet New Years, it certainly started out that way, but the Spanish do nothing half way.  The Canarian’s seem to take New Years celebrations even more serious then Christmas.  During the day all the shops were closed, including most of the cafes.  Gran Tarajal was like a ghost town.  That all changed about 11pm when a pop concert started.  Yes STARTED.  This concert, included a range of bands, and went on until 5:30am.  It was so loud we could hear it clearly from the boat.

Of course there were fireworks at midnight.  I hate fireworks since the French let them off just outside our boat in Audierne.  I hide down below in my bed under the saloon table now when ever I hear them.

Of course the human’s have been hard at work preparing for the Cape Verdes and the Atlantic crosssing.  They finally got the lead added to the portable generator and tested it all works.  They Sikoflexed (marine calking) their brains out sealing the head (bathroom) walls, the galley (kitchen) counter and making a new seal for the freezer lid.  They fitted the new hand held VHF radio and charger.  They have marked up the kedge anchor rope with depth markers and they reorganised the rope locker in the cockpit.

A friend they made told them “Cruising is really just fixing your boat in exotic locations”.

Enough about the humans and their BORING repair work.  I have another mural for you.  I call this one The Stand Off.


This one was on top of a building and it was hard to get a clear shot from the street.

You can now clearly see where I got the name ‘The Stand Off’ from

Who do you think will get the little fish first? The big guy on the left?

Or the guy on the right?

Maybe the little guy gets away?


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