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It has been a really boring day for me.

Let me out!


The human’s have spent the entire day trying to figure out how to set out a twin head sail rig.  They are going to try to sail down wind with two head sails instead of using the main sail.  The ‘poor man’s’ set up is to use the boom as a second pole.


Pole out the starboard (right) side and the boom out the port (left) side.


Setting up the pole was a simple affair for them as they do it all the time for the one foresail they usually sail with. Using the boom as a pole was a bit more complicated and required a few more warps (lines) and blocks (attachments).

Forward preventor, main sheet acts as a sterm preventor.
Two blocks for the main sheet, one block for the fore sail sheet and one last block for the stay sail sheet.


Do not try this at home!

I call this abuse!


The human’s do not have a trisail (storm main sail) so they are going to try and use the stay sail as both a stabilizer and a storm foresail if the dual headsail orientation becomes over powered by a squall.

Hopefully the small stay sail will ease some of the roll you get when down wind sailing.

But enough about boring sail plans….I have your next mural.  I call this one Swordfish.


It is always hard to get a good shot from the street level

Someone really loves fish



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