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Well my human’s are not the only boat hard at work in preparations to leave.

You may remember Limbo, a boat we have run into since Porto Santo in the Madierian Islands.  They have started to stock up on food for the crossing.

Tim unloading boxes of food.


It is great that the local supermarket delivers, but you still have to find space for it all!

Natalie down below trying to find a spot for everything.


They are planning to stop at the Cape Verdes too on the crossing.

Another boat getting ready to leave is ‘Escape Velociti’.  Unfortunately they do not have a blog.  I am sure theirs would be more informative then ours, as this is their second time round.  The boat owners, Mary and Ian, have had two children, Laylu and Morgan, in the intern.  They are celebrating birthdays at the same time as packing.

Laylu’s 9th birthday party.
The crowd playing pass the parcel

Don’t worry if you do not have friends to envite.  Just start a party and all the local children will be happy to join in!


The human’s have been hard at work, as usual.

They fitted tubing in a variety of places on the boat to cut down on chafe on the ropes.  They fitted a ‘Don Street’ style preventor under the boom to the mast.  They have started to fit an extra cleat for the preventor.  They fixed a leak that formed in the main water manafold, fitted fans in the galley (kitchen) and main cabin and purchased a selection of chain in a variety of lengths for locking things down and for wrapping around trees and rocks for mooring.  They fitted strong points to the boat to secure the kedge rope bucket to the stern and purchased some more petral cans for the generator.  Today they started to design the ‘all over’ boat canopy to give more shade.  Busy bees.  Tomorrow will be a down day, as one of the human’s is celebrating a birthday!


But enough of that, I have your mural for the day.  I call this guy the Iced Octopus.

And now for something completely different

This is one scary octopus

With scary tenticles

The ice cream is just ‘all wrong’.



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