07. January 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: Posts

January 7th is one of my human’s birthdays.

Balloons and banners that have travelled all the way from England in the back of a cupboard.


And what does a man want when he turns 47 years old?


I’m not scared, I’m prepared!


He wants to be imbarrised by a load of balloons.

He wants to have his age plastered on a banner so everyone can see.

And he wants a GUN!


A spear gun that is.


Careful ‘Spirit of Argo’ is armed!  All fish be warned.

The spoilt child has another toy to play with.

Obviously not a lot of work got done today.


But I do have another mural for you.  I call this one Community of Fishermen.

Fisherment wading out on the beach to a boat


Closer up

I think they are coming out to help unload fish from the boat.

What do you think?





  1. Hi Quinny, What did you buy the old fart for his birthday, a walking stick no doubt?? Good luck on the Cape Verdi leg when you decide to go. I hope the parts come soon and the weather stays with you. Tell Dad to behave himself with that spear gun it has been known that people like to snorkel under boats!!!!

    Stay safe out there and keep the pictures coming, my little man Harry sends his love to you and wants a friend just like you!!!!


  2. 47! Happy Birthday