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Yes we are still in Gran Tarajal.

It was always our plan to stop some where ‘economical’ and do some work on the boat.  It was a sensible idea, because the summer weather in Britain is so short and variable.  If you really want to be effiecient, go some where it never rains and is sunny every day.  So we had packed the boat up with equipment and materials to do the work and made our way here.


The only trouble was the weather this year.  Everyone agrees it has been ‘frightful’.  So we are behind in our schedule.  We had planned to have all this work done and be in the Cape Verde Islands, south of here, for Christmas.  We had hoped to be at sea for New Years.  But more thing broke down along the way and the weather held us back many times, so we are behind schedule.


I am fine with all the delays.  Does not worry me if we are stuck on land a bit longer.  But the humans have gotten into deep debates over weather to skip the Cape Verde Islands in favour of a longer passage, but earlier arrival in the Caribbean.  In the end the facts were:

-you may only get to do this once and it would be ashame if you miss all the Cape Verde Islands;

-we are going to stay in the Caribbean for a few years, so there is not a rush to see loads before we have to head south for the hurricane season;

-the weather is still good for another month for the Atlantic crossing.

So it looks like we are still going to the Cape Verde Islands.


To help the humans get though their list of jobs, I have decided to help out.

I may not have opposable thumbs for most jobs, but I am handy at some things.

Being short helps somethimes

Yes, believe it or not, I am a dog who can sew.  With electricity available I thought I would get the sun shade made up for the humans.  Unfortunately they did not bring enough material, so my shade only covers the boat from the mast back.  Better then nothing, I say.


Another 30m of beige Odyssey fabric and I would have been able to cover the whole boat

Getting materials and supplies, once you leave, is always a problem

Speaking of supplies.  The spares for the autopilot have finally arrived.  So one of the humans took the bus to the capitol to pick them up.  He said it was not the prettiest of cities, did not have a chandlers (closed down) and no more shops then Gran Tarajal.  He did say the commercial harbour had a small local Marina and some very funky stone sculptures.  Check it out.

Small Marina for local boats in Puerto del Rosario

Sand sculptures in the harbour

Trying to ‘perk up’ the place

But the capitol is just an industrial port and not a ‘destination’ to really visit

Well, I have done my part, and the humans just have to finish off a few more jobs.  Most of the work now is to straighten up the boat, clean out the bulges and cupboards, and get the boat stocked up for the Atlantic.  They have been warned that you can not get many supplies in the Cape Verdes, so they need to find room for 2 months of supplies.  Even my dog food needs a place to be stored up.  To stock up on diesel and petrol they have to trolley it back and forth from the local garage.  A good sturdy trolley is escetial.  Water and fuel has to be brought in by the container full, except in the Marina in Mendello,l in the Cape Verdes too.


Of course we are anxious to get going.  We are the last ones left behind.  Limbo has left for the Cape Verdes two days ago.

Limbo. Breaking free and heading off to the Caribbean via Mindello in the Cape Verdes.

They have only a single season to travel there and back, so they are only stopping at Mindello and then heading across to the Caribbean.  They will head north and return to England at the end of the season.


Well I am sorry I have been too busy to update the blog and send you Mural pictures.  There are lots more murals that I have spotted, but not yet had a chance to photograph.  To make it up to you here are a few.


Mural 18-Red and Yellow Sword Fish

These murals are very where

Mural 19-Magic Turtle Ride

Mural 20-Fish Bowl at Sea


You find them in parking lots

Mural 21 – Songs of the Sea

You find them on road sides

No wall can be left alone here

Mural 22- Posieden

This guy is on the side of the chandlers.
I question the blond hair and brown beard. Perhaps he dies it blond?

I promise to get out and photograph the rest before I go.  For now enjoy.



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