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Well the human’s are getting closer to ‘launch’.

It is taking them ‘forever’ to get organised.  Warning to those that are following us to sea.  Take the number of days you think it will take to get ready for a long passage and double it.  And try to build in a ‘down day’ before you go so you are not rushed to the last minute.

Once you leave the Canary Islands the price of everything goes up.  We will have to buy even water in the future.  So everything is getting washed, stocked up and stowed aboard to maximum capacity!


They are planning on getting off on Thursday morning, but that only gives them one more day to get everything done.  I bet they will not be ready until Friday morning.

The local winds really build up by afternoon, cool sea air rushing to the island as warm air rises.  These strong winds start late morning and remain strong until dusk.  It will make boat handling hard for the humans, so they want to get off early.  They also want to watch the land recede in day light, so an evening departure is not as desirable.  It will be the last land any of us see for a week until we reach the Cape Verde Islands.


I will have to get you the last of the Gran Tarajal murals to judge.

Here is one more for now.  I call this once Scuba Jockey.  Have a look.

Not something you see on a wall every day

Check out his crazy face and riding crop.

He does look excited

He is using a worm as motivation for his trusty steed.

Although is ‘ride’ does not look like he is enjoying himself

I will try my best to get you the last of the murals so we can find out everyone’s favourite.

Scuba Jockey




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