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We are off tomorrow morning for another first for us.  This will be our longest journey yet.

About 800nm from Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to Sal in the Cape Verde Islands.

This should take us about a week.


We think we have everything ready, but you never know what will come up, and what will happen along the way.  We are both excited and nervous about the trip, but it will be a good learning experience for the Atlantic crossing.


The boat is still covered in drying laundry and there are lots of little things left to sort out, so I will have to keep this short.  I will get the humans to help me send SSB updates, weather permitting, along the way.

Wish us luck!!!


Gran Tarajal seafront sculpture


We will say goodbye to Gran Tarajal by having our favourite tapas dish ‘puntillas de calamares’.  Little tiny squids deep fried in tempura batter, a Canarian delicacy.

Gran Tarajal commercial district


Just before I sign off I will give you one last Gran Tarajal mural.  This last mural kind of sets the mood of our departure as we too are moving, but we are bringing our house with us as we sail away.  I call this one Moving On.

Found this one in the commercial district

He has all his possesions on his back

I will not be able to get your comments until I find internet services in the Cape Verde Islands, but I can not wait to see which mural was your favourite.


In the comments section list your favourite mural and your reason why.  See you soon!



  1. Qiunn tell Pops I got his email saying that you were all heading off, Harry laughed at the boat Limbo and said there’s no way that will get out of the harbour never mind all the way across the Atlantic. We are about to be hit by a massive snow storm so hopefully Mum and dad are not going to be too hasty and get caught up in that. We don’t want these posts to stop so tell them not to be silly and spend a few more days locally until the weather for a 7 day stretch is safe. Pops should know what it’s like to have to wait a long time to have a pee(or maybe not he never got in the back of the van ha ha) but I can tell him it’s hard work. You’re only other option is to use him as a lamppost. Joking aside stay safe and hope all goes well for you.. take care The O’Donnells

  2. Good Luck Guys…………

    SPK SOON xxx