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Welcome to sailing.

Everything you do is dictated by the weather!  And guess what?  The weather says do not go!


The humans had been checking the weather, but greatly distracted by getting the boat prepared for two Atlantic passages.  After getting everything sorted last night they had a chance to check the final weather download they had done in town.  A depression, heading our way from the North, had deepened.  What that means to sailors is that bad weather is on the way.

It looks like we might get some rough weather on Wed. and Thurs. with waves as high as 6m.  That would be the last two days of the trip and we would be trying to make land fall in that.

I do not mind holding my wee for 24 hours.  I have been know in the past to go as long as 36 hours, but 48 hours or more is pushing it for me.  The humans think ‘getting caught in bad weather in inevitable, but heading out to it is stupid’.  To back up that statement their is an old sailors wise tale.  ‘There are young reckless sailors and old cautious sailors, but there are no old reckless sailors’.

So the human’s are all depressed that they are not going to the Cape Verdes today.  They have ‘Marina Fever’ too, so I have suggested they use the fair weather to head over to the next island, Gran Canary, for a change of scenery.  The depression is coming to the Canaries too, so I have suggested they tuck into the safe anchorage off Las Palmas until it clears.  They have spent enough money in marinas for a long while.


I want to thank and the family and friends that are cheering us on.  We will get out there, do not worry.  Just a short delay.  Keep you up to date on our next ‘launch’ date.


For now I am waiting to here which of the Gran Tarajal Murals is your favourite.  I do want to tell you yet which was my favourite, and effect your decisions.  Hurry up and decide!

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  1. Hi mate,

    Fantastic adventure, all the best keep safe.