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Well gang, I can not say it has been uneventful!
A bit of gear failure, but the human’s were pushing it.
The maximum for the day was 13.5 knots down one wave….that we know of.
The topping lift for the spinnaker pole came free, when it went for a dip, and generally made a nescience of itself.
It managed to wrap itself around everything including the fore sails.
But the human’s got it sorted in the end and all is fine.

We almost missed a sea turtle during the whole ‘hub bub’.  He was a big fellow. A mixture of green and brown. We thought at first he was a log, until we were close enough to see his head and flippers.  He was just chilling out on the surface.

The ride on the boat is a little rollier then we hoped.  We are down wind sailing and the waves are tossing us side to side as they pass underneath.  Our whole world seems to tilt 30′ one side then 30′ the other.  It makes it difficult to move around the boat, cock down below and even stay on your seat in the cockpit.  We are enjoying the ‘brisk’ sailing, but hope the waves calm down a bit to make life easier.  We were warned that conditions could be like this.

At 9am this morning our position was: N 26’25.43′ W 17’51.88′.
So we are making good headway.

We will keep our eyes peeled for more wildlife out here and send you another update soon.

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