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Well just another day for this sea dog.

The winds are still from the East, pushing us due West, when we want to be going South West to pick up the more constant trade winds.
We brought the port (left) side head sail over to the starboard (right) side to over lap the existing starboard head sail.  This meant that we could sail with the wind a beam (from the side) rather then a stern (from the back) so we could get a better angle South West.

It worked and you can see from our position this morning at 9am, N 24′ 48.288′  W 21′ 35.800′, that we have made some progress south.

Not a lot because the winds were lighter so we moved slower.  It was nice to have a calmer day and the humans did a little sun bathing and fishing.  Did not catch me anything.  Don’t imagine that it is still not rolly.  The rolling is just calm enough that you can move about and do a little cooking.

Speaking of cooking.  You know how stoves on boats are gimbaled (move with the tilt of the boat).  Why do they not make sinks gimbaled?  Have you ever tried to do the dishes at sea.  Even if you use the smallest amount of water it still swishes about in the skink doing nothing more then splashing up onto the counter top. Inventors get to work on this one!

We did get a good idea from friends Steve and Carol on Innamorta (add their blog link later) that left last year on the same trip.  They are just making their way back south from the Bahamas.  They suggested using large plastic water bottles as garbage cans for the crossing.  Sealed with the lid shut you can save up rubbish without the smell.  It is legal, and not largely environmentally damaging, to through organic (food) waste, glass jars and tin cans out at sea.  It is illegal and very environmentally damaging to through any plastic packaging or products into the sea.  We just fit one water bottle at a time in our garbage drawer and slip any plastic packaging in it.  Easy peasy.

Last night was very clear and the stars were amazing even with a bright moon.  It is warming up but was very humid and wet last night.  We thought we were going to see our first ship last night as a ship appeared temporarily on our AIS system.  But either they turned their signal off or the system picked up back ground noise, as the ship disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  Some fishing boats do that so you do not find their best fishing spots.  We had a beautiful sun rise and it looks to be a nice day.

We are disappointed that we have not seen any dolphins yet, but glad that the weather is fine and we are making good progress.
The fishing lines are out and hopefully we will catch something special for dinner.

Our blog provider has not been updating our SSB transmitions onto the internet.  Naughty Yacht Blogs.  Not a lot we can do at sea, so Aunt Helen and Uncle Steve, back in England, have volunteered to up date it for us all.  We will all have to really thank them, in the comments section, for their hard work over the next few weeks.

Everyone keep safe.

Double click to see progress chart full size.

Spirit Of Argo’s Progress, days 1,2 & 3


  1. Watching your progress. Wishing you a safe voyage.

  2. Blimey my stomach is jumping through hoops at the thought of that big pond you’re crossing….Good luck guys..
    Tony, Laura, Gemma and Harry..xx