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Our position at 9am this morning was: N 22’55.691′ W 23’05.288′
Our GPS put us 2206 nm from first land sighting of Martinique.

The humans have all this gadgetry to tell them how far away from land they are.  I keep it simple and sniff the air.
Right now I have been sniffing the air regularly hoping there might be land on the horizon.
We are moving into our 5th day at sea, and this is the longest passage we have done yet.
The humans tell me that we will be at sea for another 2 or 3 weeks!  I can’t even imagine how I am going to fill each ‘rolly’ day.

They did give me some excitement yesterday when they finally caught a fish.  Tuna for dinner tonight!
Other then that they do not do a lot more then cook, eat, read, sleep and clean up.

They say we will continue a little further south before turning west.  The winds already seem to be picking up, they just want a little more north in the easterly direction of them.

If you have any questions about life at sea, feel free to put them in the comments section and Aunt Helen and Uncle Steve will send them to me to answer. I have had two questions so far.
1) Is anyone traveling with us during this crossing?
No, we left later then most of the acquaintances we met a long the way.  A few that left earlier then us are in the Cape Verdes.  Check out our links to see Lochmaire and Limbo.
2) How do you have a bath at sea?
If it is not too rough we fill the sink with a little water and use a cloth.  On rough days the pressure through the sea cock forces the plug out and you just have to rinse the cloth out.  On really, really rough days (which luckly we have not had yet) we will resort to wet wipes.

Stay safe.

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