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Hi all, I’m Steve, of uncle steve fame.. or not as the case may be.

I’m maintaining the guys website whilst they travel across the atlantic!

Spirit of Argo and Allegrini our boat, have been hosting our blogs (websites) through yachtblogs.com, trouble is yachtblogs.com as a company has been sold and it appears the new owners are not as service orientated as the last.

We have been experiencing lots of downtime, functionality and generally just really poor service. My last communication with them, they stated that in the near future they were going to cease support of the software on which our sites run.

Obviously were not happy and Cain is going to take this up with them when he gets a decent Phone line & Wifi connection when they land in the Caribbean.

Anyway,  as a precautionary measure and maybe the final solution, i have setup accounts with a larger more reputable hosting company for both spiritofargo.yachtblogs.com and our own site and are running a parallel site for Cain, April & Quinn

So please make a note of the new address and load it in your bookmarks, their email,  both boat and others remain completely unaffected.

I will continue to update both sites daily so don’t worry you wont miss anything on either site.

Steve (uncle)


The new address is:



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