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The GPS says I have just over 1524 nm to go before I get to lift my leg to pee.

It is a bit ‘demeaning’ as a male dog to be forced to squat.  The human’s will tell you I was a bit of a ‘late bloomer’, but since then I am proud leg lifter.  With these rolling conditions I am forced to revert back to my ‘juvenile’ stance for stability.  Don’t ask what I look like trying to have a poo.

Yesterday was a good day for sailing.  A bit too fast for fishing.  The lurers kept skipping out of the water and one of the humans is still recovering from two big fish fights.  So sun bathing and book reading were the main agenda.  The last of the fresh lettuce with lunch and tuna infused Singapore noodles with a bit of Sherlock Homes for dinner.

The night stayed clear and we had a great view of the stars.

This morning is clear and bright too.  The wind has eased, and soon will the waves a bit.  Looks like a good day for fishing.  Any thing to avoid looking for the deck leak!

SOA Day 9

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