Trans-Atlantic Day 15

We were still over the Mid Atlantic Ridge at 9am this morning: 16’36.947′ N, 49’03.482 W.
My paws will hit terra-ferma in just over 697nm.

The winds yesterday died out and we were making very little head way.
So the human’s decided in the afternoon to douse the sails and have a Mid-Atlantic dip in the sea.
One at a time they dove in and declared the water very warm.
Even with the sails down, the tide was taking the boat westward at about 2 knots.
This meant they had to swim quite hard to keep up with the boat and get a hold of the ladder dragging down the side.  They strung a line down the boat incase one or the other got a cramp.
It was lots of fun for them to be swimming so far out to sea.

With out the wind the rest of the day was very very hot.  They sea state had dropped right off to a gentle roll that was very pleasant.   The human’s took advantage of the settled sea state and tried, with no luck, to fix the spinnaker pole and do some laundry.  They washed their clothes, from the past 2 weeks, first in sea water, then finished with a fresh water rinse to get the salt out.  They also did some baking and made a tuna empanada.  No more luck on the fishing lines, but lots of small mats of green fluffy sea weed floated by in the day.

The settled sea state also made for wonderful sleeping through the night.
The winds are meant to be light for the next few days, so we will not be making our usual good progress, but at least the sailing, and more importantly the living aboard, is more pleasant.  Although a little hot.  We have put some fruit juice in an ice lolly (popscicle) maker in the freezer and that should help.


SOA Day 15


  1. Thank you Steve & Helen for the IT help. Very good to be able to keep in touch with our mad children (old as they are!!)

  2. Just got back from a ski hols -20deg freezing so enjoy the heat and stay safe. Can’t believe you jumped off the boat mid Atlantic, you must be crazy!!!!

  3. Had a few drinks as just moved on board. Very pleased all going so well.

    Are you looking forward to it being over or would you like it to take longer?