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Trans-Atlantic  Day 17

The time has definitely shifted now.  The sun is not setting until 9:30pm UTC and rising until about 9:30am UTC.  So I think we are about 2 and a half hours behind England now. The human’s have had to move their sleeping schedule a little later so the first night watch starts a little later.

At 8:30am UTC this morning the boat could be found in the Atlantic Ocean at 15’48.186 N, 52’57.244′ W.
I will be able to dig holes in the beach in just over 467 nm.

The calm weather, may not have been very good for sailing, but it has been great for me to run around on the deck.
It is too hot during the day to ‘fool around’ and I usually nap as the human’s read books and snack on the last of their stored fruit.  But in the cooler dawn and dusk I am up for adventure.

Now being on a boat does limit this, but imagination prevails.  The human’s play tuggy, retrieve, hide and seak, and my favorite, tag.  With a centre cockpit, there are lots of places to sneak around them and they are just not as fast and agile as I am with my ‘four wheel drive’ in the rolly seas.

But the wind has picked up again.  Good for sailing, but not as easy for me to race around the decks.  The human’s tell me the winds will continue to increase through the week, getting a bit strong at the end, but that we should be at LAND by the week end.

When you come to a new country, like Martinique, you must check in to the islands officials.  They are sort of like boarder guards.  You bring your passport and boat papers to them as soon as you arrive.  Some let dogs come on the island, others do not.  European Union countries accept the new vaccinations and pet passport scheme and so do their corresponding islands.  So the human’s will have no problem taking me ashore, as Martinique is French.  But the French only work on week days and half days on Saturday.  So if we arrive after noon time on Saturday or Sunday, we can not ‘officially’ land on the island until Monday.  They do not care if you ‘unofficially’ come ashore.  They just do not want to go out of their way to check you in ‘out of office hours’.

After being at sea now for over 2 weeks, I must admit, I am looking forward to making land fall and having a ‘proper’ run about.

SOA Day 17

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