Trans-Atlantic  Day 19

We had lots of visitors yesterday.
I say lots, but any visitor makes a change for us out here.
First we entertained by a pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis),
then we crossed paths with a ship.

Real life other people out there!
The human’s were so tempted to call them up on the radio.
You could really see how rough the waves were now, as they were breaking over the bow of the giant container ship.
They must have been looking at us and thinking ‘crazies!’

It did not improve through the night.
Instead we were hit by squall after squall.
It was remarkable that we had gotten this far with out being hit by any.
We are all a bit water logged this morning, but disappointed that it did not wash away the red Sahara sand that had coated the boat since we got caught in the sand storms off the African coast.
It looks like the boats colour theme is permanently changed.

This morning at 8:30am UTC the wet crew of Spirit of Argo were at 15’10.097′ N, 58’15.633′ W.
According to the GPS, I had just over 159 nm to go before I get wet running into the surf.


SOA Day 19
SOA Day 19


  1. Not long before you’ll have warm white sands between your toes and a cold beer in your hands!

  2. Top job guys! Think of that cold beer anchored off martinique. Stay safe.

  3. April/Cain/Quinn: Congratulations, you have almost completed your journey and I have been following your blog every day. I am impressed by all your tenacity and fortitude in completing this journey, and I love the humour that Quinn has added. I have been sharing your blog with the members of the Propeller Club, many who have sailboats here and they are very impressed with what you have done. Keep in touch and have a great time in the Carribean.
    Love Uncle Stan