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Trans-Atlantic  Last day 21

Well we did it….We are in the Caribbean MAN!
We sailed right into the anchorage at Grande Anse, Martinque at 12:53pm UTC.  14’30.259’N, 61’05.357′ W.

We discovered, after being told off, that no anchoring is allowed and you must tie to one of their free (EU funded) anchor buoys.
As we looked about one of the other boats shouted over that ‘it had been a bit rolly last night’.
‘Nothing is as rolly as the last 3 weeks’ we shouted back.

We got tied on, put the boat ‘to bed’ and the human’s jumped in for a swim.  I relaxed to a well earned nap.
The human’s told me the water temperature was a shocking 24.2’C the water!
It was officially 9am Caribbean time but after 1pm UTC so the human’s had a celebrator beer after being ‘dry’ for 3 weeks.

They have taken pictures of the anchorage, cleaned up and now we are all going drop the dingy and go a shore and check in with customs.

It is a little unbelievable that we are really in the Caribbean!!!
As soon as we can get some internet we will add pictures, video and a summation of the trip.

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  1. Congratulations on arriving safe and sound. I am very proud of both of you on your accomplishment.

    Uncle Stan