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I have not been able to update my blog because I have been taken captive by pirates!

Yes, that is right, pirates.

These little rascals have nautical nick names.

Run for your life if you see any of those pictured below.


The blonde at the front calls himself Sea Squid.  Watch out for his curly stinging tenticals.  He is the mischeivious one, that gets away with it with his million dollar smile.

The ‘serious one’ in the foreground calls himself Captain James.  He seems to want to helm all the time.  I will show you more of him later.

This one’s nautical name in Ginger Bouy.  Everything has to be funny with him.  Funny faces, funny noices and just plain fun.  But don’t be fouled, he is dangerous.  I heard one of his commrades call him the Ginger Ninija.

And lastly the sirens of the group.

These two mermaids have tricked many a sailor with their beautiful looks to their deaths in the deep.

This crew of pirates have not only taken me captive, but also taken over my boat.

And my TOYS!

Their leader is the worst


All I can do is stand back and watch.  Not much fun for me.

They are a strange lot, these pirates.

(video of geko bouy to come)

My humans are no help.  They escaped  for coffee.

It is not all bad.  The smallest mermaid is a comfy pillow.

While I am captive it will be hard for me to update you, but I heard something about weather windows for a Bay of Biscay crossing.  I fill you in as I find out more.  For now, stay safe and




  1. Mike & Mary Watson

    I can’t believe how big those pirates have got!! The little siren is sooo cute!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful visit with them. Love Mike

  2. Wow! The kids have really grown & changed. Please give our love & hugs to everyone.

    • Good luck on your ‘across the pond’ move.
      Hopefully we can get all the little pirates together!

  3. My friend, Jules who lives in Barbados asked if you are taking part in the ARC that leaves Canary Isalnds around 20th November and arrives Barbados mid December? He says it comes in in front of his house and he usually swims out to meet the boats;-) Sounds like you are having a great time luvnhugsluvlinxxx

    • We hope to get to Barbados one day, but have no intention of joining an organised atlantic crossing. We are going to wait until the trades have set after Christmas and leave from the Cape Verdes. At least that is the plan for now.