22. February 2013 · 1 comment · Categories: Posts

Quinney Quinnster Productions proudly presents:

Sailing with aquatic mammals; enjoy


Rolly crossing; do not watch this if you have a weak stomach!


Video never captures things well, but we hope that gave you a little idea.


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  1. Hi Quinny, love the pictures and because I viewed them at work the silly man they call the Web Marshall said I couldn’t view the videos, so will have to wait until I get home to look. The pictures are amazing and tell the story briliiantly. I love the Tuna, I hope mum and dad shared that with you!!!! Tell dad he def needs a haircut. So very brave of them to take a mid Atlantic dip, no way in a billion years would I try that one!!! I love the flying fish, shame you didn’t catch that for yourself. I will show Harry the pictures and video tomorrrow (out tonight as it’s my birthday, just slightly younger than dad at 44!!) Tell him I’m off to Nick Shepherds leaving do on Thursday and will tell all who haven’t been looking about where and how you’re doing. Enjoy yourselves out there and keep the pictures and stories coming ,they’re amazing,. Lots of love..Tony