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We left L’Aberwrach at the assigned time in all the guide books to tackle the Chanel du Four and the Raz de Seine to get around the point of the Finistere penisula to Audierne. Both have a bad reputation that did not materialise as we had fair winds and tides the whole way.


The shallower water through the straits did bear fruit from the sea. It was a long days sail, but calm enough to cook up our caught fish to eat for dinner along the way. We still got into port in time for ‘sun downers’.

After the expense of L’Aberwrach we decided that we would ‘save a few pennies’ and anchor in the mouth of the river at St.Yvette. It is a beautiful anchorage surrounded by white soft sand beaches. The waters are crystal clear and reflect aqua marine in the sun light. The temperature is already improving and my human’s are still wearing shorts and t-shirts in the evening.

After a good nights sleep we all jumped into the dingy and headed up river to the main town to attend the ‘grande’ market. The town centre was packed with people, food stands, fresh produce, cheeses, breads, meats and of course lots of French dogs. We went to the town marina to enquire about prices and get a weather update, but no one was in despite the times listed for openings.

When we got back, the little anchorage of St.Yvette was very packed. Every mooring buoy was gone and lots of boats where anchored around us. In the night the winds built to a force 4 and the boats where turned broad side to the Atlantic swell. All of us were rolling back and forth. Nothing that we would not experience on a down wind sail, but with out the sails up the boom creaked as the boat rolled and things left out started falling off the counters. A bit of a noisey night. I go and hide on my bed under the table when things get bumpy.

With the morning light we found we were the last boat standing. All the other anchored boats had left and most of the boats on buoys. Glad we have a big heavy boat sometimes. We did not want a repeat so we rigged up our drouge (sea parachute) to hang off our boom on one side of the boat. This dampens the roll of the boat and it sits much nicer now.

Made a mad kayaking trip into town again to see if the marina was open, but again it was closed. Finally a nice man who spoke ‘some’ english explained that the town centre closes for Saturday and Sunday so everyone can go to or participate in the market. Only the bars and resturants remain open.

Well tomorrow is Monday. So I suppose every thing will open again. The weather in the Bay of Biscay is ok, but all the winds are coming from the direction we want to travel. No good for a sail boat. Strong winds are coming for Wednesday and Gale force 7 for Thursday. We would prefer to move up river into town for those days….that is if we ever get to speak to the marina and book in.

aIt is a beautiful place to be weather bound. We are all trying new foods and looking forward to getting something nice from the huge fish market across the river from the town. I am loving the big long open beaches to run through. I race in and out of the water attaching floating weeds and chasing down sea birds…both always seem to get away. My owners are not so keen on the amount of sand I am bringing back onto the boat. They make me have a brush down on the deck and wash it all with a bucket of sea water before letting me into the cockpit. It is so embarrassing.

Will add photos and keep you up dated when we find some internet. Keep smiling until then.


  1. Hello both, great to to read about the journey, Steve down in Wales for a couple of days. We had a good walk in Brecon today , nice to get out in the hills. I hope the journey is going well, I will keep an eye on where you are and what you are up to. Steve heads home Saturday , he is off to a wedding on the way back. Great to see him, catch up with the news. A couple more years and he will join us in civie street ! Steve thinks you are heading towars the Canaries?? Look forward to hearing from you , take care Murph & Steve

  2. April/Cain/Quinn: I have read Quinn’s story on your blog, His story is great and your pictures of what you have seen are really good. Hope all is well, you are having a great time and adventure. Wishing you great weather and happy sailing.
    Uncle Stan

  3. Quinn. Have been following your travels and very interesting they are too. As you know, My humans have not allowed me to go foreign yet. You mentioned cheese and ‘moules’. Do they smell nice? Do the foreign lady dogs smell nice? Do your humans give you enough time to make your mark in those foreign lands? Sorry for the questions but these are very important to me in case they ever leave the UK (not in my lifetime I think!!!). Anyway, good to hear that you have made it and I hope that the wind stuff is good for your humans (and they know what to do with it…). Keep me posted. Rex P.S. Don’t mention this to the humans because I haven’t told mine that we are in touch.

    • Dear Rex,
      Glad to hear I have some doggy friends. So few of us our internet suavey.
      You asked about cheese and sea food…I love it. I discovered the best Rocquefort cheese in France. Mind you my humans eat most of it, I just get the ‘pre-dish washing’ clean up job. I try my best to help them where I can. As for my love of sea food it extends only as far as once they have killed it. Check out some videos to come..attack of the killer languostine! As for the ladies, most foreign dogs are snobs and just bark at me.
      Don’t worry I won’t tell the humans anything….mine don’t even know I do this blog.

  4. Great news that you made it to France, only another 26,500 miles to go. Bon Voyage and hope to catch up with you in 2014, Richard