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We are still at Ria de Cedeira.

We had some unexpected company and we have been touring the countryside with them instead of sailing on.  Our friends Steve and Helen played a very good joke on us, mind you my humans were stupid enough to fall for it, and they were able to surprise visit us on the boat.


Steve and Helen booked some last minute flights to La Coruna and rented a car to drive to Cedeira to surprise us and celebrate the Biscay crossing, but they needed a ruse to make sure we were on the boat.   They told my humans that they had someone who could transfer Skype to VHF and we were to meet at 9pm on channel 72 for a chat.  Who would believe that one, my humans!  They claim now they were still recovering from the crossing, but they were just gullible.

So at sun set in the Ria de Cedeira we all waited on the boat for the call on the VHF channel 72.

Then it happened, crystal clear reception, there was Steve hailing us on the radio.  We all started chatting trying to catch up with each other.  Going on and on about wishing they were here ect., then Helen starts describing the anchorage.  Was she looking at Google earth?  Then she started talking about a strange green glow from shore and a laser light struck the boat.  The penny dropped!  ‘Are you here?  Oh my god you are here!’  We jumped in the dingy and raced out to meet them.

We had a great weekend together finding good tapas.

And trying the local delicacy: goose barnacles.

We jumped into their hire car and explore some the Rias we passed further North.

And my Uncle Steve taught me to swim.

My Aunt Helen taught me Spanish.

This sign says ‘The very maximum 3 nudists permitted’.  See I am learning!

The hardest part was that our time was too short and they had to go back to work.

It is remarkable that a 2 hour flight and they cover what took us two months to travel.

Speaking of travelling, well it is the end of August and summer is officially going to end soon.  I think it is best if we get a move on.  We want to visit everywhere, but we will have to get moving South or we will get caught up in the Autumn storms.


It looks like the winds are favourable for an easy passage to La Coruna, the capitol of the province, on Thursday.  We understand that anchoring impossibly uncomfortable so we will berth in a Marina for a few days to see the sights, top up with water, do the laundry and so I can have a hair cut with out starting up the generator.  If the winds are unfavourable we can move to the other side of the Ria and anchor up near Sada.

P.S. Any one got a water maker motor they can do without.  Ours is shot!

P.S.S.  And we broke the WiFi antenna as well, so that explains the slow updates on the blog.

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