I have really enjoyed La Coruna.  I have started collecting girl friends in every port.  The french bitches were a bit snobby, but the Spanish girls are more then willing to foul around.


My human’s have been a bore and seem to spend all their time either fixing the boat or trying to find parts.  They assure me the boat is ready to go.  Just in time as the winds are turning fair tomorrow to get moving again.


The Marina staff have been very helpful and go out of their way to assist you.  A.S.A.P. supplies, in the UK,  have to be commended for assisting my humans in designing a dual fuel filter system and a fuel cleaning system.  They also got the parts to Spain in less then 24 hours.


It was not all work.  They did finally leave me on the boat alone last night while they went out for tapas with some friends they made.  Rob and Elaine on ‘Raven’.  They have a page on Sail Blogs if you want to check their boat and adventures out.  They were sneaking a few on errands during the day, but they said the city really comes a light at night with whole families out on the streets until late sampling little snack plates and enjoying them selves.  It was all very civilized.


We are leaving tomorrow with the fair winds.  We will travel South West to, at least, Ria de corme y Lage.  If the sailing is good we might keep going through the night and round the point of Finisterre to Ria de Muros.  I will update you if we stop.  If you don’t hear from us, then we are continuing through the night.


Lets hope nothing else goes wrong…..we are over due for some good luck.

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  1. Well done you guys – have a fantastic sail – hope you see some more dolphins (sorry Quinny Quinn I know they make you bark but maybe you will make friends this time)
    all our love The Hoohas xxx