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You are not going to believe it, but I will talk about that later. First thing is it is 80′ at 7 pm in the evening. This is great.

We got off to a late start leaving La Coruna. The alarm did not work, we still had to sort out the canopy and lines and we wanted to check the internet one last time for a response from the WiFi guy. I wanted a good walk too, as I knew I would not be leaving the boat for a few days. In the end we said goodbye to new friends around 11am. We told everyone that we were waiting for the winds to kick in, as it was dead calm in the morning.

The winds certainly kicked in. We were soon flying along, down wind, at 8 knots. Strangely we passed one boat that left before us. But with the wind comes the waves in this part of the world and it increasingly became a bumpy ride. We did have the joy of seeing dolphins again. We decided that we did not fancy a rolly night so we pulled into Ria de Corme y Lage and found a nice place to anchor at Corme at 5pm.

We are anchored up behind a big jetty that runs out into the Ria. There are rafts of hanging ropes (muscle beds) on our starboard (right) and the town with it’s sea wall on our port (left). In front is a lovely sandy beech. The town is rather plain, but does have terracota roofs, lots of palm trees and a church that seems to ring its bells into tunes every half hour. The hills around are toped with forest and modern wind generators.

The best thing of all is: You are not going to believe it, but nothing went wrong, broke or needed a quick fix. It must mean our luck is changing for the better. end:

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