Thought I better start titling my blogs after the place I am at. Last time I had some internet service I wanted to look at other peoples blogs locally and find out if there was any good places to visit. Everyone just talks about themselves and nothing about the place they are visiting. We have decided to do a synopsis of each country we visit at the end. What places we liked the best, worst and why.

So far Muros is loosing badly. The town has the Spanish balconies and multiple tiny windows with the addition of stone arches under the first floor, second floor for North Americans (The British call the first floor the ground floor and the second floor then becomes the first floor and so on). It has cafes, bakers and fruit and vegetable stands, but everything is so much more expensive. It is a touristy town, but the streets and beaches are not very clean and a bit rocky.

The Ria itself is beautiful with tree lined hills descending steeply into the sea. The anchorage is well protected and good holding even though it is the deepest we have stayed at yet at 15m. The town just does not have the laid back friendly feel of Cediera or the happy energy of La Coruna. And worst of all….it has no cheap local tapas bars.

So we will be off on a long leg out of the Ria de Muros onto the next Ria, Ria de Arosa. The pilot book offers us some better sites and historic places there. We are going to try anchoring off the Isla de Arosa for the night when we arrive. We want to sail over to the historic town of Cambados for a day visit and then try anchoring up off the holiday resort Island Isla Toja.

The weather is favorable Northerly for the next week, so we can’t hang around too much and miss the weather window to work our way South. As for me, I prefer this day sailing thing so I can run about ashore. Having the dingy hanging off the davit’s is a god send.

Calm weather sailing

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