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We have nick named this bay ‘The Bay of Barking Dogs’. It was a still night, with out the strong winds forecast, and the neighborhood dogs were up barking most of it. I was not used to hearing dogs barking warnings and I got in trouble from my humans for barking back at them. They are still at it today, but with the noise of the wind and the fact I am really really stoned on flea drops, I have not bothered to start barking back at them.

My humans were in search of ‘Internet’ today and we all had coffee at a cafe in the East end of town. They got a few pictures added to the blog for me, and will try tomorrow to add some more. The connection was so slow they ran out of battery power before they were done. There was a grocery shop up there too. The Spanish grocery shops seem to have lots of cheese, meat, yogurt, salad and fruit, but not a big vegetable selection. Aubergines (egg plant), peppers (green and red, but no chillies), onions, broad beans and mushrooms. Otherwise you buy canned vegetables. Most of the food is similar or cheaper in price. Sliced tinned loafed bread and female hair care products are more expensive. My humans have gotten used to the uncut rough loaves and the female just does not smell as sweet. Paprika and saffron are cheaper, but other spices are hard to find. We ran out of bay leaves before La Coruna.

The humans treated themselves to expensive pastries at a beautiful little shop in the centre of town. The window displays of Galacian delicacies is enough to make even those with out a sweet tooth drool. They had seen old local ladies come out of the shop last night with huge pastries in hand. How could they indulge in such naughty food. The size of the pastries is deceiving as they are as light and airy as spun sugar.


Local mussels for lunch. Then we are going to try and get the new WiFi amplifying antenna up and running(after they broke the last one when they tried to put it up). SSB is slow in the afternoon, so tonight we will get a winds forecast and see how long we are stuck here. We are starting to think we might skip the last of Spain and jump to Portugal. We love Spain and can not say enough about the friendly and helpful Spanish people. They go out of their way to make us comfortable and relaxed. We had hoped to visit the Islas Cies and Bayona, but the weather is not on our side. Neither anchorages are suitable in strong Northerlies. We have had a little chance to enjoy Spanish culture and do not wish to rush through Portugal and miss it’s culture. We have until the end of the month, then we really should be heading to Madiera and the Canary Islands.

We think from here we may do a jump to the historic town of Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Then to the new marina in the centre of Porto, then maybe anchor up at Aveiro, but definitely leave time to enjoy the city of Lisboa. Lisboa is not only the capitol of Portugal, but it is famed to be one of Europe’s cultural capitals. It does mean staying in a Marina, but now that we are ‘out of season’ places can be found in the centre of town for reduced prices.

Sorry if we appear to be rushing and missing a few things. We did need the start of the summer to get the boat ready, like that helped, and make the last bit of money. Perhaps we will see these things the next time we sail around by here again. end:

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