Well we decided to stay in Spain one more night. The winds eased and we sailed down the Ria onto the Islas Cies at the mouth of the next Ria, Ria de Vigo. We can see the big cities of Vigo and Bayona across the channel.

We are anchored at the main anchorage which is off a sand spit that really joins two separate islands, Isla del Norte and Isla del Faro. It is a beautiful, almost Caribbean like, spot. We can see our anchor 10m below through crystal clear turquoise waters sitting on perfectly white sand. The east side of the island is clean white beaches while the other side is rocky cliffs.

I was having a good old run about, when a warden caught me and told me to get back on the boat. Warning, it is a bird sanctuary, and dogs are not allowed. I got away with it for a while at least. We will stay the night, as the winds are meant to stay light, and head off in the morning for Portugal.



We have not seen a lot of Spain, but we though we would share with you what we liked best. Our favorite anchorage was Cedeira in the Ria de Cedeira. We met another English man that actually sailed back from La Coruna for another visit. It has excellent shelter in all weather with no surge. There was a free floating pontoon to tie to. The town had grocery stores, local shops, restaurants and cafes, but still had a small town feel. The beach was long and clean and they turned a ‘blind eye’ to dogs early in the morning and in the evening.

Our favorite Marina was Marina Coruna in La Coruna. It was the only marina we visited, but they could not go out of there way to help us. Each day they had a smile for us as we dominated their lobby trying to order parts on the internet. You are sure to run into other British boats and hear all kinds of Biscay horror stories. The city was great and the people were very warm and friendly. Great sites to see and great tapas.

Things we liked about Spain: (this is a long list) Tapas (just the right size to try something new, if you don’t like it, so what it was only a euro) Mahou beer Machanua cheese Chorzia Pimento (little green peppers that look like chillies, but no heat) Calamaries (finally cooked properly….could not get enough) Very good very cheap wine. The people (They are friendly, patient and always try to help you. You never feel threatened) The day starts late, then you have a siesta, then you stay out all night. The whole family together out in the town centres. You can anchor almost any where and no one asks you for money.

Things we did not like about Spain: (this is a short list) Medications are expensive. Stock up on basics especially antihistamine for bug bits. A lot of anchorages are being made into Marinas. I know Marinas are in demand on this coast, but it is a shame. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to land a dingy. This has a lot to do with the Marinas moving into traditional landing sites. The Spanish fixation with fishing. All the harbour walls are lined with fisherman into the wee hours of the night. Usually not a problem, but sometimes, if you are anchored close by, the old men ‘nattering’ can keep you up at night.

Hope this is helpful to the next adventurer. end:

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  1. It looks as though Spain has been a lot of fun and very beautiful, especially cambarro! We’ve just been catching the kids up with all the latest blog, they thought it was very funny that Quinn has been collecting girlfriends!!! Cheeky!! Looking forward to hearing about Portugal.
    Love you xxxxxxxxx