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Yes, oops, is right. The silly humans. They got their high and low tides mixed up and should have left in the morning. The next high tide was not until the evening and you really do not want to be sailing down the coast at night. Fishing nets and pots are scattered everywhere. You don’t want to miss one of them at night and get it tangled around your prop.

They were smart and decided to leave tomorrow instead. Gave me a chance to stick a few more photos on the site and for them to get some prices for Marina’s further down the coast. Good thing they checked. Turned out Porto Marina was going to be 37 Euros a night. Leixois and the bus into town then. They neighbours have also let us in a little secret anchorage across the bay from Lisbon that will save us money there too.

I spent the day relaxing while the humans got some more jobs done on the boat. It never ends with those two. They had a lovely scaffolding board, thanks Uncle Steve, that we use for mooring against walls. They added some extra holes and ropes to the top of the board and cut out wedges in the surface every 10″. It is now a boarding ramp. They do fine balancing up and down it, but they are not going to get me using that thing! I will just get them to hoist me up and over the front push pit.

Just found out from the neighbours that this Marina has the best washing machine on the coast. A little late telling us now, but thought you would want to know if you plan coming here.

We are definitely leaving for Porto, actually Leixoes, tomorrow. We will get some Portuguese postcards off and Auntie Kim I am still searching for an English Birthday card, you may have to settle for Portuguese. end:

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