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The human’s are really rubbish at this sailing thing.

They told me they were going to sail all the way to the anchorage at Cascais (just outside the harbour of Lisbon) and they didn’t.

Eight hours of fiddling with the sails in light winds and rolly waves and they give up and head into port.  Wimps.


Come on you can take 8 more hours of this.


Me, I was fine.  A little trouble walking about…but I blame that on the night before.


The winds died down and the waves were rolling them about and backing the sails, so the humans decided to head into the nearest port.


A bit of a late decisions and they had us coming in at night again.

The moon rising over Nazare

So, here we go again, trying to find our way into a strange port at night.

Not as bad a Figueira da Foz as there are not as many back ground lights and the port entry is simple.  Thank the full moon for a bit more light too.


The Marina inside is tiny.  I think we stole someones berth as it has fenders attached to it, but it was the only empty one we could find.  Hope he does not come home tonight.  This is catholic country and there are no staff working late on a Sunday night.  So you just find a spot and take it.


Maybe if we get off early enough???

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