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Well they sent me out to sea again.


Just trying to make the best of being stuck at sea again.
Don’t laugh, they do take embarrising pictures of me.


South down the coast of Portugal from the fishing harbour of Peniche to the anchorage off of Cascais.

I do not know if it was;

the weight of all the canned goods they bought at LIDL’s, and stuffed in the bilges,

or the longer wave length (12s);

but it was a much more pleasant sail.

It was a gentler roll, and we were able to ‘goose wing’, sails out either side, all the the way to Cascais.

Rocky cliffs on the approach to Cascais.
‘The garden of eden’ town of Sintra can be seen on the hill top.


Just as we were accepting the fact that we would make another port in the dark the winds picked up.  In no time we were surfing down the waves at over 9 knots.  Pretty good for our old heavy boat.  This meant we were able to make Cascais before dark and have the dying light to help us pick a good spot to anchor.


Cascais light house on approach.


Cascais’s anchorage is more of a nook in the rocky cliffs of the peninsula then a harbour.  The breakwater of the Marina on the West offers additional protections from the winds and swell.


View of anchorage from the boat.


View on Marina from boat on anchor


The sea side summer resort homes and buildings are built on the tops of the natural cliffs and added wall fortifications.  The base of the cliffs are littered with clean sandy beaches.

The anchorage is very popular with vessels of all sizes and the fisherman are courteous enough to travel through them slowly.  A stark difference to the fishing port of Peniche.

We just arrived last night and I am dying for them to take me for a run.  I know they are delaying to see where everyone else lands their dingys to get ashore.


We asked the neighbours and we can tie dingys up to the fishermans pontoon as long as we stay on the ends out of their way.


The town has some nice buildings.

And examples of Portugese tile work.


Town hall


Like many towns along this coast it is fortified against attack.


The town has quiet residencial streets.

And busy touristy streets.


Do not forget all the tourist tat as well.

And there are lots of streets inbetween.

The town overlooks a multiple of beaches and the anchorage.


Some small beaches among the cliffs


Larger beaches


View of the anchorage from the beach


Yes, she is still there. Just checking!




Pond and water foul





A little church with lovely tile work


A museum and lots of tiled water fountains like the one beside it


Dreamy castles


The humans put me on a lead when we got to the bird areas


It is not my fault!


He was ‘egging’ me on.
If you don’t mind the pun.



  1. Hi guys nice to see all is going well :) great hearing all your news .

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and love the unique dog perspective! We’re getting ready to sail from New York City to Colombia with our two pups and I was wondering if you had any advice for traveling with your pup. Has yours gotten sea sick at all? Any other supplies needed except a harness and life vest? Thanks for any help you can give!

    • Dear Kelley,
      I got my owners to make a new page on the blog with helpful hints. I will get them to update it and I am sure other people will post their own helpful ideas on it.
      Hope it is helpful.

  3. Ha Ha you made it then!!! Looks like you are all having fun we will have to meet up with you soon

    Love Michelle & Richie