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We did not sail our boat inland….

We took the bus.

We went to the VERY touristy town of Sintra in the mountains above the coast.


No, I did not get to go this time, because dogs are not allowed on the bus.

I got left behind on the boat to watch the weekend day trippers make a mess of anchoring….more on that later.

But the humans brought back pictures and told me all about it.


The first story was of their bus ride.  The bus was 4 euros each way per person.  Not as cheap as the train, but not expensive either.  But the bus drivers are MAD!

The humans took the longer scenic bus that followed the coast and hit the pennisila that claims to be the ‘furthest westerly point’ in Europe.  They do not reccommend that bus if you are at all afraid of heights or nervous of speeding down narrow streets.  Even the return journey on the inland bus was ‘hairy’.

If you are a nervous person take the train to Lisbon and a connection to Sintra.


With that adventure survived the next was to wade through tons and tons of tourists wandering about town.  Admittedly the old town is very pretty.

Sinta National Palace

Water fountains every few meters as you ascend the hill side.
Just a few tourists


There are lots of castle like estates with beautiful gardens.  One of the most famous ones is Quinta da Regaleira and it is open to the public.  The humans headed for this first and got stuck there all day.


Main summer house in gardens


It costs 6 euros to enter.  But the exit door is an unmanned, unlabeled wooden door just to the right of the entrance.  Next time!

I was told it was worth the 6 euros, but bring a torch for the caves.


An extensive cave net work runs between the house, follies and wells


The gardens are extensive and you have full run of them, the house, the caves, the grotto’s and loads of follies.


One of many turrets in the grounds

Water running through the caves

One of the best things about the gardens is the lack of ‘health and safety’.  You can climb turrets and hang off balconies.  You have steep stairways descending into black and complete cave networks with out a single light.  It took the humans the whole day to explore the gardens and they were glad of the packed lunch they brought along.


Is this the hole Alice got lost down?
This is the properties original well.
Two separate cave systems run off of it.


I call this the lizard folly


Stained glass window in the gardens chapel


Hand painted tile work in the entrance towers


I was happy to have them back on the boat, but it was short lived as a power boat snagged the trip line of a neighbouring sail boats anchor.  The power boat proceeded to drag the sail boat out to sea.  Into the dingy and abandoning me again, they went off to save the sail boat from drifting with no owners aboard.  The power boat cut the line free fo their props and the humans got a load of chain down to hold the boat where it settled.


Two boats tied together

They were just about to sort out a trip line for themselves.

We had seen a lot of boats use them and we liked the idea of knowing exactly where our anchor was in relations to our boat and new arrivals.  We had to start our engine, last night, and reverse to let a boat who had anchored across our chain pick up his anchor after the wind changed direction.

They have decided, after seeing people try to:

-moor to anchor trip line boys,

-pick up anchor trip line boys because they think they are floating fenders,

-and of course now we have seen someone drive over the line and lift the anchor by accident with their props.

So we have decided that the disadvantages of an anchor trip line out weight the advantages.

Then finally I got my run on the beach.  Heaven is a tennis ball!



  1. Hi, Guys, Had a few difficulties getting onto the blog but now back up and running. Looks amazing and my two kids love reading about your adventure. Cain your missing nothing at work it’s all doom and gloom ha ha.. Stay safe..

  2. Glad you having a good time and they are treating you well……….They have taken me to Cowes today for a wedding , but I have to stay on board , not been invited,but hey ho it’s warm……no seagulls and no dogs keeping me awake…….my humans say hi to yours….love Bosun xx

    • Dear Bosun Pennell,
      I have still not met a ‘cat’ yet and have no idea what you look like. The few times we have passed one I have not noticed it. One day I am sure I will meet one of your sisters. My humans are pathetic and rarely leave me on the boat alone. I am a little bit of a spoilt child that way. But as we travel I am sure there will be places I am not welcome and will have to remain aboard. Until then I will enjoy my games of ‘fetch’ on the beach and helping my humans make friends with the locals.