12. July 2012 · Comments Off on Well we are still ‘up a river without a paddle’ · Categories: Posts

. Can’t complain if you want to have one last dose of British summer time weather before leaving the island….wind, rain with sunny breaks that just give you a tiny hope, before it turns windy and rainy again.  Oh I will miss British weather!!

I have had lots of walks and amused the local pub owner with my love of orange slices.  I am not really amused by having to wee on my boat, wear a life jacket in the dingy or have the mud rinsed off of me at the harbours hose pipe.

I have enjoyed watching all the small sailboats race by us and scaring away the local harbour master so he cannot collect any anchoring fees.

We are planning on heading west and are waiting for winds coming from anywhere else but west.  Patience!  No reason to beat into the winds yet when we have until

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