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Well things have improved since the last we spoke.

The waves calmed down and the winds finally kicked in. Light winds though. We have spent the day traveling not much faster then 2-3 knots. If we could walk on water, we might have travelled faster then the boat!

It gave me a chance to have a good long afternoon nap and a calm platform to ‘relieve myself’ comfortably. It is also calm enough for me to have a really good game of fetch.

Last night the cloud cover broke to reval all the stars in their illustrious glory. It was a lonely back ground to Bramstokers Dracula. It is the only book recording the humans brought and they are regretting they did not bring more to keep them awake on the lonely night shifts.

This morning was a beautiful sun set that lead into a sunny day. It is remarkable how blue the water appears now. I had always thought that the brighter blue colours where a reflection of light off the sandy bottom. But with the bottom more then 4000 meters below, I am obviously mistaken.

In the calmer weather the humans got the fuel tanks topped up with the reserve fuel they brought and made some drinking water with their little water maker. The winds are meant really increase through the night and we are already feeling an increase in the swell

This has not effected our fishing luck. The humans made another ‘lucky lure’ from the pattern discussed on the earlier blog and now that one has caught a tuna. The little 2 pounder is weighting to be filleted.

We have everything set for a few days of higher winds. Hopefully it will help us move further to our destination. 246 nm to go.

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