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Well we go our wish for winds in spades last night.

Just as the sun was setting the sky filled with dark clouds and the winds started to build. We decided to drop the main sail and ride it out on just the fore sail poled out. It was a wise decision for the night.

The winds built and we were soon flying along at a respectable, but stable, speed. Too bad that the waves came with it. They were breaking on our stern quarter and tossing our little ship about.

I could not get settled, as the rolling motion was tossing me about. I am thinking of having Velcro surgically implanted on my sides so I can stay stuck in place on the cockpit seats. I could not decide wether to be tossed about with the crashing waves in the cockpit or with the crashing pots and pans down below with the human on the sea berth. Between the noise and me not settling, they may have had a bad nights sleep.

The winds died in the morning light and the waves settled enough for me to have a stable deck for my ‘morning constitution’. Luckly I had my ‘evening constitution’ just before the wind and waves came last night. I become grouchy and frustrated if I am not regular! The rolling calmed down enough for the humans to have a shower and dry off in the afternoon sun light.

They found baby squid had washed up on the deck with the waves last night. No wonder they are so effective as lures. We did not do any fishing today as the humans were tired and wanted to have some naps undisturbed. Besides the freezer is getting full. Not that I do not mind helping them eat the leftovers. We all had tuna tar tar today, although the humans had theirs with salad….the one thing I don’t like.

The winds are meant to be light for the next two days, but they have improved this evening and we are back up to 4-5 knots, but with the winds comes the waves. I suspect it will be a rolly night again.

134 nm to go! Looking forward to seeing Porto Santo and a beach to run along.

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