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I talked them into leaving the river and heading down the coast to a Marina in Gosport.

They were getting frustrated with the weather, having troubles making updates to the blog by radio, the switch on the wind generator burnt out and I think they ran out of ideas for using peas.

I was getting sick of waiting patiently to be ferried back to shore for a run.  I know I have to get used to being on the boat all the time, but there is only so much you can do when it is windy and rainy outside.

They left the anchorage at Itchenor made the short jump up the Solent to Portsmouth.  After filling up with fuel, another job they forgot to do before leaving, they attempted to CRASH LAND in the slip they were assigned.  Now they got the boat in there, I have no idea how they are going to get it out.

It is windy, rainy and horrible here too, but at least I am not taking my life in their hands every time they run me to shore in the dingy.  They do not have to worry about crazy Belgians who keep slipping anchor and heading for us.  They just have to worry about how they will get out when the weather improves.



  1. Hi Quinn,
    Its a bit sad here, without you, but more adventures await you, it was mentioned before you left, about a visit to the v^^s, to discuss the removal of your man bits! So beware mate, keep your tail in the way and you might escape! glad to see that your mentors are looking after themselves, have you heard any good rows yet? whos fault was the crash landing?, keep you ears open and let me know. Bali’s doing ok, he has more new friends now to bark at, so dont be to bothered about upping sticks and leaving him.Oh and by the way, Elmo is making good use of you bed you left behind.
    Best of luck and good wishes to all sailing on Spirit of Argo.

  2. lisasteve4kids

    What a hilarious blog!! Mum says ferry was “a bit close”!! Loved the video of Quinn and Aidan, very cute, have enjoyed watching it all over a few glasses of wine with family. We miss you (all 3) and look forward to seeing you in cornwall
    Love you
    Lisa, Steve, Kids, Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Good luck fella
    Keep updating the blog as you go

  4. Looking good bid you post this via SSB?