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Hurry up you two!

Well off to explore the island we go.

Of course we got a little lost along the way and ended up joining the proper trail later.  But sometimes it is fun to ‘walk the path less trodden’.

View west from the north east side of the island.
Incredible Volcanic cliffs

We somehow ended up on the other side of the island.

We could look across at Porto Santo and the crossing we did yesterday.


Looking North towards Porto Santo

Looking North East

In England we used to find a pub in the valley of every mountain we climbed.

In Portugal we found a mobile pubs at the top of the mountains.


Mobile ‘pub’ vans of Portugal


Ever been in a pub with this kind of view?

I found the local wildlife very fascinating.

Lots of little lizzards sunning them selves on the rocks

But I was rubbish at catching any.

Ain’t nothing but a hound dog

We followed the coast east and caught up with the actual trail.

Volcanic rock and blue seas

Off to the South coast we go

The views on the South side of the East coast were just as beautiful.

Some things reminded us of the Dorset Coast.

Portuguese Durdle Door

The trail followed the ridges of volcanic rock, complimented by the green grasses.

Foot paths carved into the ridge sides

Incredible texture in the volcanic rocks

Steep cliff edges

I got stuck on the lead in spots. Parinoid humans.


Looking to the East and the end of the Island

Light house at the furthest Eastern point

Un-inhabitited islands to the South. Each is a nature reserve that require a permit to visit. Probably no dogs allowed.

Then we had to make are way back to the Marina.  Did not want to miss our first happy hour at the Marina’s local bar (50% off drinks from 5:30-6:30)

Looking south west including the capitol in the distance

The capitol city Funchal in the distance

I was pretty ‘tuckered out’ as we made our way back to the Marina.

Are we there yet?


View of the ‘town’ and marina complex

I have to tell you about the ‘Marina complex/town’.

The Marina is done, set against the stark cliff side, but the town is still under construction and…….deserted.

Empty villas with a sea view

It is like a deserted Portuguese Disneyland with the required church.

Comical bridges over road down to Marina

Deserted town square


We found this rock pool

We found this great place to soak our feet after our long walk.

Finally I get to soak my sore feet.

Unfortunately the humans heard about my rock pool and took it over for a morning swim at high tide.

It may have been overcast and raining, but it did not seem to dampen their spirits.

I barked at them, but they did not get out of my pool

I don’t think you guys are supposed to be in here!


You definately should not be doing that


You are very naughty humans!!!!!!


You can’t keep anything a secret when the beer is half price!


  1. Lisa, steve, 4 kids, mum and dad

    Just sitting here at mum and dads looking at the blog with the children. We love the coast line of Madeira!! It looks really beautiful, lovely cliff walks! I see Quinn has been well behaved apart from when you had a swim! Looking forward to receiving the postcard, let us know when you can skype. Had a lovely meal with mum and dad, lucky children are enjoying a late night as its halfterm! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi Gang! We are really enjoying Madeira, except all the rain. Really missing all the high jinks with the kids back home. Will try and organise a chat this weekend. Miss you all.

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic ! I have been keeping an eye on what you what you have been up to and meaning to write.

    Lots of great stuff and you have barely started – long may it continue.

    Keep ’em safe Quinny!

    • Dear Steve, We are looking forward to you joining us, at some time, so we can share the experience with you. The hatches are staying water proof and the shower sump you helped install is working great. But best of all. I love my fridge light!
      Keep everyone safe at home!
      Lots of love.

  3. Dear Quinn,

    First of all love the pictures it looks like the West Coast of Ireland where my mum lives. Secondly can you keep that male Human away from the mobile pub, I’ve seen him when he’s had one to many and those cliffs look steep!!!!

    • Dear Tony,
      I will do my best to keep him out of the mobile pubs, but the local in the Marina has a half price happy hour from 5:30 pm and keeping him away from that is near impossible. If you think the East Coast looks like Irland then the high interior is definatley Whales.