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We have been trapped by the wind so the humans have rented a car so I can join them exploring the island.


Strong winds batter the south coast of Madeira

We decided that exploring the capitol city of Funchal would be a good start.

Cafes among the narrow streets

We happened upon a section of the town called the ‘art district’.  Here there are many small cafes, with seating in the narrow streets, and the home owners express themselves but painting their doors quite artistically.  Here are some examples.

Painted door by a shop

A restaurant with it’s doors painted like a library

Of course we love to find the weird and wonderful in the back streets

The older district of town was a bit more respectable and their were lots of examples of fine architecture and lots of churches.

Dignified older sections of the town centre

You know if I showing an artsy section of town, a dignified section of town….that I will also have to show you the tourist trashing section.

Restaurants along the harbour

Forget the ‘American style’ dinner booth.  At this sea side restaurant you get your own boat booth.

Flooded red rivers in the capitol

Exploring the capitol was great, but the island is struggling under the incredible amount of rain they are getting.  All the rivers are flooded, they have to temporarily close some roads and they have lots of ‘wash outs’ to clean up.


I personally hate the rain and thought I was escaping it as we made our way south.  Instead the humans drag me out in it every day!  I guess you just have to make the best of it!




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