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As you know, I am a dog.

Dragged around again!

As I am a dog, I like dog things.

Running on the beach, chasing balls, long walks in the woods, eating, chewing and especially sleeping.

The sailing thing I tolerate, because my humans like it, and I like hanging with them.

They make lots of ‘sailing buddies’ as we travel, and although I make a few play mates and girl friends along the way, no humans have really taken my fancy yet……..that was until recently.


Remember how I told you that eating was one of my favourite pass times?  Well I did not tell you that fish was one of my all time favourite foods.  The humans have caught me licking the dying tuna in anticipation of sushmi.  Well my humans have met their match with these two Welsh men.

Just a little fish!

This is only one of many fish they caught and gave the meat away to cruisers.

Some the humans BBQ for themselves and friends.

I only got the left over heads this night

And some they have packed away in the freezer for later.

They have promised to share it with me.

If you want some fishing tips Tristan and his father Howard are the men to turn to.




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