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Every body loves surfing. Surfing Madeira way! Well not me!

Looking back on the Island of Madeira as we leave.

The human’s decided, 50 hours ago, to whisk me off to the Canaries. I just think they wanted to chase the sun south.

Looking back on the island of Madeira.
With only moutains and ravines, Madeira was forced to build the airport out into the sea on a platform.
Don’t want your plain to over shoot the run way!

At first it was fine, but a bit rolly. The ‘amusement ride’ started about 24 hours ago and I am happy to be off it now.

This ‘is not’ my happy face!

The wind and waves built so high….I put myself to bed and let the humans deal with it. Some body has to have the brains in this family.

The waves building as soon as we cleared the lee of the Islands

It was not like I could help, other then irritate the person trying to get some sleep on the sea berth. The boat does all the work, they just look on from the cockpit strapped in, getting wet occasionally. All this ‘man against the sea’ milarty is false. They should say ‘boat against the sea’ as she seems to take all the beating and do all the work. They just cross their fingers and hope they chose the right sail plan.



Welcome sight of land

Well I am happy to be on anchor now off the Isla Graciosa in the Canary Islands. The wind is still strong, but the sun is shining and the water looks inviting. Time for a run on the beach!


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  1. So glad you’ve reached the canaries! We have started thinking about & planning a reunion in march. Enjoy the sun! Winter & darkness is arriving here.