Spirit of Argo anchored off the beach


Sun, sea and sand. Is this not what we came for.


Anchored on warm inviting waters


The sun rose this morning on a turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. The humans are finally south enough that both the air and water temperature was just right for them to have a morning swim. They dove in and I waited for the screams, but was sorrily disappointed when they declared the water was lovely and warm.


Note: The very white skin

Once we all had a great breakfast, we were off exploring in the kayaks. We usually take the dingy, but as the anchorage is sheltered, and the beach is close they felt we could all use a bit of exercise and save on fuel. I was worried at first that the kayaks would be unstable, but they were pretty safe and I soon settled to enjoy the trip.


‘To the beach driver’


The best part was the beach. After a sea trip I like nothing better then a run on the beach. Stretch my legs and gallop up and down the waters edge like a loony!

Now this is my happy face!

Then it was back on the boat for a siesta. The silly humans did not take one and instead ticked off some of the list of boat jobs to be done. I think they are proud of themselves for making an anchor trip line, fitting the new cockpit speakers and repairing the computer 12V charge cord. They must be, because they are sitting in the cockpit drinking a ‘sun downer’ and watching the sun set.



Tomorrow they are off to find the islands only village. Will they have a grocery store? Will they have WiFi? But most importantly to one of the humans….will they have beer?


  1. Admiring the fine diving style off the boat Cain,

  2. Hello Quinn, Great blog and we are happy you made it. We are now in Las Palmas. The anchorage is pretty busy but there seems to be still some space and boats are moving daily.

    We have re-joined Mournie and Rafiki and look forward to meeting you guys soon.

    All the best and enjoy the weather. I look forward to seeing your trip line.

    Oliver & Carlotta

  3. This is one of the disadvantages of paradise, no amenities! 😉