The main road into town

Welcome to the village of Caleta de Sebo.  The only ‘inhabited’ area on the island.  Don’t blink, or you will miss it.

A two ‘horse’ town

The villagers have no ‘real’ roads and instead get around the island in Landrovers.

Very small with pretty white washed buildings and a Marina that brings in day trippers from Lanzarote.  This supports a Marina and a few good restaurants.

The Marina

Restaurants and cafes on the beach

And, luckily, an internet cafe.  That strangely is never open, but leaves the internet on.  So you just sit at their tables outside.

The humans are so happy to be back in ‘Tapas’ land and have a good Spanish selection of foods again.

With sun, sea and good food available I can not see them leaving here real quickly.


  1. Hi quinny,
    Nice to see that a last dad has got you to the sun ! I have spent some great times windsurfing in the canaries so jealous now the weather has turned cold and dark!
    Tell dad we have at last taken some work in sussex so they journey is better …. I know he was waiting for the day !
    You guys take care it’s great fun reading about all your fun days
    Andy and family

  2. Kevin and Natasha

    We just found your blog tonight and read through it. We’re dreaming of living aboard in the future, loads of work to get there though. $$ and time for the kids to be old enough to appreciate it. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    Could you tell more about The Spirit of Argo? We’re from Ufa, Russia btw, I guess about as far inland as you can get.

    Good sailing.

  3. Quinny, Love the videos altho i must admit I did feel a little sea sick…. Tell Dad he needs to colour that torso of his, not just his arms and legs. Tell him also that we had Dave Arthurs leaving do yesterday, poor show but good to catch up with a few of the older ones (lots of new faces I didn’t recognise).

    Glad you made it to the cCanaries dafe and sound, went there this year with the folks and they really enjoyed it..(Fueterventura) or however you spell it…

    Stay safe everyone sends their regards (all were talking about it in the pub)

    Tony & family..