Well you will be happy to know I finally got the humans to get moving.

They feigned strong winds, then company and then illness, but they ran out of excuses and I finally got them to cut the tether to the Island of Graciosa.


Leaving the the Island of Graciosa behind


We were the second last of the ‘Madeira’ crowd to leave, but the family on Selkie quickly caught up to us.  We are to meet up with them again on the next island Fuerteventura.  They plan on spending Christmas there.


They cheated and motored to catch up to us!


Can you believe they built the boat in their back yard in their ‘spare time’.  They did predict that it would take them 3 years.  Nine years and two kids later they are finally sailing to new adventures.


Arrecife, Lanzarote.
A city backed by Volcanos


I was hopping the humans would get me to the next great beach on the south tip of the island, but slow going in light winds and some good luck fishing meant they decided to anchor up half way down before dark.  We ended up in the capital city Arrecife.


Arrecife sea front


Arrecife is a city, need I say more, but it is distinctly Spanish and has a lovely sea front and some interesting tourist sights.


Arrecife’s pretty sea front


Their is a maze of harbours that interconnect with canals and bridges.


A bridge and protective wall separating harbours

A fort protects our anchorage harbour

Watch out anyone who tries to steal our boat from anchor!


One of the shallow inner harbours


Of the three ‘deep water’ harbours you can only anchor in one now.

The first harbour is industrial, and anchored boats get in their way.

The second harbour is larger and regularly used by the large sea liners.  But, a common trend, they are building a Marina over the old anchorage at the end of the harbour.

The third and smallest harbour remains open for boats to anchor in, but only in fair weather.  The harbour is a mix of sand and stone, giving variable hold and shallows very quickly, leaving very little room for yachts to squeeze into.


All the boats squeezed into the ribbon of deeper water inside the harbours first wall


When the human’s woke up this morning there was NO wind.

Safe for the anchoring, but no good for sailing down the coast.

They decided to get some things done that ‘require a city’.  One human is complaining of a sore mouth now from a visit to the dentist.  Reasonable cost at 40 euros, but a return visit is needed on Monday to check on it.  The other human indulged in Chandlers.  Lots of little repairs to do before crossing the pond.  Lots of little bits needed to do the repairs.


Spirit of Argo anchored in Arrecife


Light winds are predicted for the rest of the weekend, so it looks like we will stay here until after the dentists visit.  Not the prettiest spot to be stuck, but there are lots of things to do and discover.

I have already found something to amuse myself!


  1. Long way from Dartmouth now……Happy Christmas to you all, and happy New Year…….Good sailing x

    • Dear Bosun Pennell,
      Glad to see you are still keeping track of us. You are right, it is remarkable how far the wind can blow you.
      I will try and do a special Chrismas blog as my Uncle Steve and Aunt Helen got we the full Santa costume.

  2. Hi Quinn,

    Cian and Ellen are missing you. We spent three nights in Calero and are now in Gran Tajal. You will be glad to know that the town has everything according to Cian and Ellen i.e. a beach and a playground! Please tell your humans that the harbour has plenty of room and is a chilled out place. The town has good supermarkets and shops and it feels like a Spanish town rather than a tourist resort. If we are not here when you arrive be careful with the electricity. The one we went to hook up to had live and neurtal reversed – luckily Justin checked it first and was able to get us sorted. The rate is just a little more than Graciosa but probably worth it for the increase in services. We are €12 a night.
    If you hurry Quinn there is a French team of film makers here making a fictional film about two men in a round the world race. It could be your big chance to get spotted for the silver screen!

    All the best,

    email us so we have your detals.

    Selkie and crew

    • Dear Selkie and crew,
      Hope you enjoyed your ‘moments of fame’ on my little blog.
      You do not need to hold the camera crew for us, as I have already been in the movies.
      First in Hollywood in the movie ‘Firehouse Dog’ and now in my own productions on You Tube called ‘Quinny Quinnster Productions’.
      But will enjoy seeing you all soon, and especially playing with Cian and Ellen again.