Got a bit behind in doing my blogs.

Was a bit busy taking care of the flu ridden humans.  They were running around the capitol, trying to get everything done, rather then taking it easy and getting over their colds.  Now they are paying for it and are on forced R&R.

But not until I moved them further south to the tip of Lanzarote, Playa Blanca.  I got them to anchor off in a small pool just outside the entrance to Marina Rubicon.

Approach to Playa Blanca

View of Spirit of Argo anchored up from entrance of Marina Rubicon

It is not the prettiest anchorage, and it can be rolly when the inter-island ferry shots by, but it is close to the amenities of both the Marina and the tourist town of Playa Blanca.

Spirit of Argo on anchor

You would think the humans got enough of ‘ammenities’ when they stayed at the capital….but apparently not.  They tell me this may be the last ‘well equiped’ Marina they see until after the Atlantic crossing.  The Marina is expensive to stay in,


Marina Rubicon with room for any size boat


but is well stocked with Chandler’s goods, restaurants,

Restaurants lining the north and east side of the Marina

Lots of Restaurants with a Marina view

And more restaurants

They had already found a good source of ‘popcorn’ squid


and a pool for Marina guests,

Is this not the lap of luxury?


but most importantly cheap washing machines at 2 euros a go!

We have chosen to be ‘cheap’ and anchor outside the Marina and ‘leach’ their ammenities.  A lovely Dutch couple, anchored beside us, suggested we stay one night and keep the entry key, but we are lucky to know someone staying in the Marina.

Jeff on the catamaran ‘Horizon’ is staying in the Marina as he gets his auto piolet repaired.  Jeff is the sailor that saved our boat from harm when he, not only lent another British boat an anchor, but set the anchor for them during a gale in Averio, Portugal.  Go back and you will see he was a saviour!

He will lend the humans the amenities key so we can give all the bedding, towels and clothes a good clean.  I will have to have a siesta in sympathy.


Walking into Playa Blanca

I have to make up for missing my siesta yesterday.  The humans dragged me into the tourist town centre.  One human headed up to the medical centre to get a prescription for anti-biotics

(*remember to get your EU health card as seeing a doctor is free then and prescriptions are really cheap in the Canaries)

the other human dragged me to British ‘themed’ grocery stores looking for peanut butter.

This side of the island is know ‘fondly’ as Lanza-grote, put as long as you know the streets are filled with tourist ‘tat’ and sun burnt Brits and Germans, you can have a laugh here.

Tourist beaches. No dogs aloud!

Just do not expect to find and culture or any beaches to run free on here.

Once the humans have gotten the last of the Chandler’s goods they need and the laundry done we will head further south to the port of Gran Tarajal on the next island of Fuerteventura.  Here they will complete the last of the repairs before the Atlantic crossing.

Good night




  1. I know it will probably wind everyone else up, but do you think you could mention the local temperature for each blog, i’m just curious as having been there what i have to look forward to.


    • Dear Uncle Steve,
      Are you sure you want to know?
      Unfortunately our exterior thermometer was broken when one of the humans left a window open while washing the boat, so we will not be able to give you a regular temperature update. It is hot enough that you want to be on anchor, where there is a breeze. It is stifling in the Marina, when I helped the humans do the laundry. They called for possible showers, but it has been clear and sunny on the south tip here. Looks like a perfect mild evening ahead to watch the sun set and have a ‘sun downer’.
      You asked!
      Miss you,
      The Quinnster

    • It was -1 Degs C here yesterday! (Whimpering like a hound, Howling like a wolf!)

    • Dear Uncle Steve,
      This will get you howling. It is 24’C and comfortable with a sea breeze.
      This will make you whimper. It is set to stay the same all week.
      That’s nothing to woof at!